We can install any type of wood flooring with any kind of fine detailing, even trim.  We can help make your aspirations a realty and we will do it with your satisfaction guaranteed.

We have experience with all types of wood flooring and can guide you if you're looking for the perfect wood flooring to match your lifestyle.

flooring is our Specialty

You will be so proud of your new wood floors and with proper maintenance, they will last a lifetime.



We have the right tools for the job.  We can replace any kind of wood floor boards no matter what happened to them.

broken & missing boards

When we're finished, you won't even remember where the broken or missing board was.


From water damage to pet stains, even termite damage or rot. We can repair any issue with your wood floors.

Stains, Rot, Water or termite damage

We'll do our very best to make your wood floors look new again.



Bring your wood floors back to life again! We can even make 100 year old wood floors look new again and with our techniques we won't compromise the history of your wood floors.


Sanding & Resurfacing

Shiny or matte, we can give you the look you have always wanted.